XValley Technologies Adopts PumaPay Cryptocurrency Billing Solution

XValley Technologies Adopts PumaPay Cryptocurrency Billing Solution

XValley Technologies Ltd, a Multi-Broker Multi-Asset Broker Suite, and PumaPay, Blockchain-based billing solution, further expand their ecosystems by striking partnership.

XValley will implement the PullPayment Protocol and the PumaPay token (PMA) as a means of payment for its services, while also offering it as one of the payment methods and trading instruments to its clients.

XValley Exchanger™, the proprietary broker suite, which is a complete turnkey solution for brokers and banks under the brand name of XValley Exchanger. This is an all-encompassing solution comprising of a FIX API execution and pricing aggregation engines, a web trading platform also available in Android and iOS apps, a CRM system, Risk Management, Affiliates and Regulatory reporting, Live Customer Support and integrated Payment Systems among other features.

The new XValley PumaPay integration will allow XValley clients to purchase the full trading suite with PMA token, make it seamless for them to integrate the PullPayment Protocol, and offer the PMA token among their trading assets and deposit methods.

Andreas Livadiotis, CEO at XValley revealed his pleasure “We are excited to add PumaPay into our offering and provide our clients with a popular token as a way to purchase our solution, as way for their clients to deposit and as an asset to trade. Our teams worked in unison and we are all beyond happy with the professionalism this project was handled.”

Sharing the same vision about the PumaPay – XValley venture, PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror said “We’re thrilled to have a financial technology provider like XValley Technologies as our Early Adopter. This partnership opens a whole new chapter for the PumaPay token, making it available to brokerages and traders worldwide.”

PumaPay’sPullPayment Protocol provides flexibility of crypto payments in day-to-day transactions through super-fast transaction processing and low fees. PumaPay enables multiple payment scenarios – from traditional one-time transactions and recurring payments to restricted and pay-per-view billing, making it a good choice for merchants worldwide.

About XValley Technologies

XValley Technologies Ltd. is a bespoke financial technology company offering a full-suite package of trading solutions to brokers/dealers, banks and exchanges. This consists of a FIX API Matching and Pricing Engine, Trading Platform, WebTrader, Mobile trading, Front/Back Office, CRM, Risk Management, Marketing & Sales Widgets, Affiliate Reporting, Payment Systems and Regulatory Reporting through integrations.

About PumaPay

PumaPay offers an open-source, blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The comprehensive and flexible protocol allows adopters to process transactions using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies and combines the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions.

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